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NEW Group Course

‘Body Freedom – The Mindset’

Does your heart sink every time you look in the mirror? 

Do you pull yourself apart, too fat, too big, too much…

Maybe you’ve tried every diet in the book but nothing works?

So you have resorted to hiding away, avoiding life and let’s face it, missing out! 

I hear you, I’ve been there, but good news! It doesn’t have to be this way! 

It’s time to take up the space you deserve and own it! 

‘Body Freedom – The Mindset’ is a six week transformational group course where you will change the way you think about your body, leaving you free to start enjoying life!

Here’s just some of what you can expect over the six weeks

Week 1 – We head straight into the matrix to meet an alternate you who is happy in her body without changing a thing. 

Week 2 – We get to grips with what’s getting in the way of you being that alternate version of you and learn how tapping can help shift negative thoughts and feelings.

Week 3 – We start decluttering all the external BS that’s keeping you stuck in that negative mindset! 

Week 4 – We get to the bottom of what’s hiding under the negative self-talk?

Week 5 – We look back through our timeline and into our past lives to uncover the stories that aren’t serving you! 

Week 6 – It’s time to use all you have learned and to speak to your body with compassion.


Each learning session will be recorded so you can watch back later.

There will be an additional LIVE QnA every week.

There will be activities or if you prefer ‘homework’ to do between sessions.

We’ll have a private Whatsapp/ Messenger chat to keep in touch and motivated between sessions.

And of course, you will be learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – an amazingly powerful technique that clears negative feelings and limiting beliefs.

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If you want to change the way you think and feel about your body but groups aren’t for you.

I got you!

Body Freedom – The Mindset is now available one 2 one.