Change Your Morning – Change Your Life! Why You Need a Morning Routine

Change Your Morning – Change Your Life! Why You Need a Morning Routine

By Amanda Hipkiss-Torrance – Mental Health Nurse, Master NLP Coach, EFT and MRA Practitioner (June 2024)

Do you hit snooze repeatedly until the last minute and then find yourself rushing around like a crazy person, leaving home with toast in one hand (if you’re lucky) and coffee spilling over the other? Then running to the station only to see your train leave? Or, maybe you sit in traffic panicking about how to explain to your boss why you are late again! If this is the start to your day, I reckon it’s safe to bet that the rest of your day can feel pretty chaotic and stressful. And, I imagine that by the end of it all you are so knackered and all you want to do is, well, nothing! 

Phew, I’m exhausted just writing this, so I dread to think how you’re feeling! But, it’s ok, I have a plan. You might not like it at first, but believe me, a future version of you is breathing a sigh of relief right now! 

So, What if I told you that getting up earlier would make your day easier and you would be less tired? I know, sounds counter productive right? Honestly though, the right morning routine (for you) will change your life, I promise! 

Here are just a few of the benefits that you will reap when you start your new routine. 

You’ll be happier

Morning routines that include activities like joyful movement, meditation, or gratitude practices have been proven to promote positive mental health by reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression and lowering stress levels (Zhang, 2021; Diniz et al, 2023)

You’ll be healthier 

I’m pretty sure you already know the benefits of adding exercise to your routine but did you know that adding techniques such as EFT in the morning can not only improve your mental health but can reduce pain, improve sleep and other physical health conditions (Church, 2013). 

You’ll be more productive

With a morning routine, you start the day with focus. When you maintain this feeling throughout the day you will find it easier to manage your time, set priorities and stay on track. 

You’ll feel more in control

When everything else feels overwhelming, a good morning routine is a way to regain control and balance. 

You’ll develop healthy habits

Once you notice the positive feelings from taking care of your mind and body in the morning, you will want to continue the good work throughout the rest of your life. 

You’ll have more energy

A morning routine means time to make sure you are fueled up for the day. Adding exercise literally gives your cells more energy and almost guarantees that you’ll sleep better so you will be well rested the next day too (Harvard Health, 2006). 

You’ll remember more

When you have the same routine every day, it’s much easier to remember things as they will be part of the routine. No more getting to work having forgotten your lunch! 

You’ll be more confident

Completing your morning routine gives you a sense of accomplishment before even the day starts. Plus, making sure you prioritise space for getting reading in the morning and picking out an outfit that makes you feel good will leave you oozing confidence. 

And by the end of the day it will be easier to relax and you’ll sleep better! 

And these are just some of the benefits, I have no doubt you will notice more as you get going. 

How do I get started then Amanda, I hear you ask? 

Ok, I would start by writing down all of the things you see as needed. Maybe that will include brushing your teeth, getting dressed etc. 

Then add things that you would like to do if you had time, maybe it’s breakfast in the garden and not at the desk (one of my clients made this change recently and the change was dramatic). Or, it could be extra time to pick out an outfit or style your hair.  

Then you can think about adding some other practices. Maybe start by introducing one or  two at first. Even 10 minutes of practice will make a big difference and you can build on your routine over time. I started doing one minute breathing and then a short yoga practice. Here’s some ideas but do add your own, it’s all about finding things that make you feel good.

Exercise – Whatever brings you joy. Walk, run, dance, head to the gym. 

Yoga – This is my morning staple. Every morning I find a practice on YouTube that suits my mood.  At the moment I am loving Yin. 

Visualisation – Visualisation is a great way to create the best day. Little tip, our nervous system doesn’t know the difference between a thought and reality so if we think good things we will feel good. And there’s this little thing called manifesting but that’s for another blog! 

Meditation and Breathing exercises – There are loads of apps out there you can use if you need ideas. I’ve also listed a couple on my other blog How to Manage Anxiety – Techniques for your Anxiety Toolbox

Gratitude Journaling – Literally write down as many things you are grateful for as you can. There’s loads of evidence that being in a state of gratitude improves your wellbeing. 

EFT or Tapping – This is another amazing tool for pretty much everything and clearing any negative energy in the morning can only be a good thing. Want to know how, you can download my FREE guide here.

Read or Listen – Maybe you love a good book, take some time out for a couple of pages or listen to a podcast or your favourite track. 

Once you have decided on your routine, I would write yourself a schedule so you know what time to start to make sure you fit everything in. Not only will this help you stay on track, it can be really satisfying ticking things off each day. 

Most of all though, have fun.

And I would love to hear how you get on. Please do get in touch if you’d like to share how changing your morning changes your life! 


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