Freedom 2 Heal

Discover Your Purpose in Life

Feeling stuck? 

Or maybe like you’re drifting through life with do direction…

…and nothing appears to make sense or feel right?

Then I have just the thing to get you back on track!

During my NLP Practitioner training with David Shephard discovering my life purpose was one of the most powerful experiences for me.

So powerful in fact, that I’ve decided to offer this experience is a one off discovery session.

Our purpose is our driver in life, the reason we are here, our life lesson, what lights us up. 

If we don’t know our purpose we can feel lost, confused and frustrated. 

But when we know what we are here to do, life begins to make sense, we can finally see the wood from the trees and start heading in the right direction.

What happens in the session?

The session can last up to 90 minutes and can be done in person or on Zoom.

Although we use a series of specific questioning to discover your purpose, each session is individual and each life purpose is individual. I have done this many times so far and each time my clients have found the session hugely valuable.

But don’t just take my word for it, you can read what they said below…

‘Things just clicked’ – Hazel

‘I was able to identify my core beliefs and how these impact on my career choices and what makes me tick, not to mention happy’ – Rebecca

‘So nice to focus on some real big positives in my life and see how it all goes together and see the patterns of self sabotage and how they go against my purpose of self love’ – Hazel

‘It was spot on! I really enjoyed the whole process to get to the purpose! It was fun and it highlighted some strengths of mine, which I haven’t even realised I had’ – Edina

‘Thank you Amanda for clearing the muddy waters and removing the self doubt’ – Rebecca

‘There was a clear moment in the session where it all started to make sense and I was able to see how throughout my life I have already been working towards this purpose’ – Katie

What’s the investment?

For a limited time I am offering this one-off session for just £95

Are you ready to discover the reason you are here so that you can start living on PURPOSE?

Amazing! Then get in touch here