The Magic of Matrix re-imprinting

The Magic of Matrix re-imprinting

Amanda Hipkiss – EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (2023)

Have you ever felt hurt, regret or shame about a past experience? 

Are these feelings holding you back in the now? 

Have you tried conventional therapy but still feel stuck? 

If you answer yes to any of these then Matrix Reimprinting could be for you. 

I love working in the matrix, it can be such a beautiful place to heal where anything is possible. However, many of my clients come to me not having ever heard of Matrix Reimprinting. Which is a shame as I honestly believe that everyone would benefit from spending time in the matrix. So I thought it would be really helpful to talk a little more about this magical therapy. 

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is an extension of EFT created by EFT Master, Karl Dawson who explained that while EFT is like watching a movie, Matrix Reimprinting is like being in a play. This gives the opportunity for more in-depth healing.

EFT understands that we have an energy system and that by tapping into this system we can remove the blockages caused by traumas. Matrix Reimprinting, grounded in quantum theory and the law of attraction, recognises that there is a holographic field of energy (the matrix) connecting everything and everyone, containing and reflecting our beliefs.

When we experience trauma a part of our consciousness stays frozen in that moment within this energy field. Karl describes this part as an Energetic Consciousness Hologram (ECHO). Unfortunately, our subconscious is driven by these ECHO’s fears which is why when something happens in later life that has similarities to a traumatic event when we were younger we can be triggered and respond as if we were our younger self. 

With Matrix reimprinting we are able to safely meet with our ECHO’s and address their fears, transforming our past, our memories so that we can move forward in the now. Of course this doesn’t mean that we deny these moments ever happened but rather, we tune into an alternative memory, allowing us to release the trapped emotions attached to the original memory. 

However, working in the matrix is so much more than this:

It’s beautiful, it’s magical and it’s you, the most raw and real parts of you. Yes it can be emotional but by feeling, we are truly able to release and let go. 

Just connecting to our younger selves can be such a hugly healing experience. I mean how often do we say, I wish I had known that when I was younger? Well, with Matrix Reimprinting we are able to be that guide and offer the care, the love that we needed and maybe never had. We can create safety where there was none. We can let them know they are good enough, exactly as they are. 

The matrix also assists in healing our relationship with others in our lives by giving us the opportunity to have the conversations that may feel impossible in ‘real life’. This allows us to gain the resolution we need, the deep understanding and most importantly, the ability to let go. 

One of the most precious gifts that the matrix offers is the ability to connect with the spirit of our lost loved ones, even in ways that were never possible during our human experience.

Sometimes our struggles lie in experiences before we were born, our past lives. The matrix makes it possible for us to visit these moments in time and find connections to our current struggles. By doing this we are able to work through beliefs that were created before we were even born.

I’m aware that not everyone believes in past lives and for those people I explain it as our subconscious presenting us with a scenario that makes sense of what’s happening in the present. In fact, if this all sounds a bit woo woo for you, you can think of the matrix simply as a place where we are able to tap into our subconscious and use our imagination to find deep healing of our past. 

It’s not all about the past though. It’s also a chance to meet with future or alternative sleeves. Those parts of us that hold the wisdom to get us through the difficult times and hold the key to us manifesting the life of our desires. 

In fact, there are so many ways to use this wonderful modality, I have even used it to work with parts of ourselves for example our critical self or our compassionate self. 

What’s the reimprinting bit? 

This is where we take the new memory and bring it fully into our subconscious, helping us really imbed the new memory. 

This is usually done through a kind of guided imagery/ meditation. Where you are led to make this memory as powerful as possible before bringing the energy into every cell and out into the universe. 

It’s one of the most lovely parts of the process and I have found that even this part of the process leaves my clients feeling extremely positive. 

It can take 21 days to rewire the brain so I ask clients to continue to use the reimprint every day for at least three weeks. I normally offer to record the reimprint but you don’t have to do it this way. If you prefer to just take time out and imagine the new memory or even journal, that’s ok too. It’s about feeling and experiencing this new memory as much and deeply as you can. 

So what can Matrix Reimprintig help with?

Honestly, I think it helps with everything. I mean our subconscious drives 95% of our lives, meaning our ECHO’s are pretty much always in charge. So, if we can make them feel safe, loved, good enough then we in turn will experience life the same way. 

How Matrix Reimprinting has helped me 

I have spent a lot of time in the matrix myself, with other practitioners and on my own. It has been a huge part of my healing and continues to be. I have met with many of my younger selves and worked through many childhood traumas and sometimes more recent experiences. I have worked through beliefs and feelings of shame around my body as well as found the route cause to fears around abandonment. 

One of the most cherished gifts that the matrix has given me is the ability to connect with the spirit of my Mum. I have had some emotional yet hugely healing moments with her in the matrix.

My first experience with Mum was led by a good friend who didn’t rush me and just gave me time to be with Mum to hold her, to have a hug. I am so grateful for this. Sometimes Mum and I work through stuff together and others she is just present. But Each time we connect, I am given a little more peace and acceptance of her passing as I know that she is always with me and there is always a way to connect with her.

There are so many possibilities this magical therapy holds, this is really just s snapshot! If you would like to know how Matrix Reimprinting can help you then you can book your free discovery call here