Freedom 2 Heal

Terms and Conditions

Working with Freedom 2 Heal

·   I understand that I have the right to choose alternative methods of health treatment for myself, and that if I do so I accept full responsibility for my choices.

·   I understand that EFT and Matrix reimprinting are alternative therapies that do not replace the need for any medical attention or professional mental health treatment but can work complimentary or alongside other treatments.

·   I understand that Freedom 2 Heal or the processes that I am guided through, do not diagnose or treat medical problems.

·   I understand that advice given by Freedom 2 Heal is not meant to conflict with the recommendations of medical professionals.

·   I understand that Freedom 2 Heal does not advocate the discontinuation of any prescribed medication.

·   I fully understand that Freedom 2 Heal recommend that I visit a licensed medical professional if I have a serious physical or mental health problem.

·   I understand that my personal details and any information arising in the sessions are 100% confidential with the exception of a disclosure of risk to myself or others. In this case, Freedom 2 Heal are legally obliged to inform relevant parties which may include but are not limited to your GP, medical professional or emergency contact.

·   I agree that Freedom 2 Heal may use my information in relation to our sessions or Freedom 2 Heal courses/ groups that I attend.

Please see our Data Protection and Privacy Policy if you would like know more about how I use your information.