What to Expect in an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Session

What to Expect in an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Session

This was my first experience of EFT and Matrix re-printing but Amanda explained things clearly and supported me through the process and I soon got the hang of things. I looked forward to our sessions and considered them an act of self-love

Stace – Woking

During our first session, I will introduce you to the basic EFT techniques including the set-up statement and the tapping points. EFT will be used in every session. You can go on to use these skills on your own or between sessions.

We will use these techniques whilst focusing on the negative emotions or memories you bring to the session to release these blockages in your energy system. I will usually ask you describe the energy you feel in your body. This will help you to tune into to the issue we are resolving and it also helps us stay aware of any changes in your energy system so we can adjust the techniques and phrases accordingly.

Once we have got to know each other and you are comfortable with the approach we may also enter the ‘matrix’ to meet with the part of you that is frozen in a time of trauma and help them find resolution. This is an opportunity for you to use your imagination as you become the practitioner. Don’t worry, you can’t get this wrong, ultimately, the process will gently lead us to where you need to be to be to resolve the distress you are experiencing and I will be there to support you on your healing journey. Along the way, I will share insights and show you skills to help you but ultimately my role is as a supportive companion on your healing journey. These are ‘your’ sessions.

Sometimes, as we work through your healing, difficult emotions may arise. My previous experience of working complex emotions resulting from trauma and as an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner means that I am able to move you through these moments safely.

I have a relaxed and person-centred approach. I may sometimes incorporate ideas from other therapies if they feel beneficial to your healing. I do like to bring in humour when appropriate, healing doesn’t have to be difficult all the time and sessions can be fun, Matrix Reimprinting can be a beautiful experience.

I will never ask you to change who you are, you are perfectly you already. I will however, support you to awaken and witness the amazing and authentic person you are so you can move forward and embrace the incredible life that you were born to lead.

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