FREE Masterclass – The Inner Body Critic

FREE Masterclass – The Inner Body Critic

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Are you hearing voices?

You know that niggling voice that pops up every now and again to tell you that you’re not good enough, that you’re too fat, too big, too whatever…

That’s your inner body critic!

Maybe it crops up first thing when you check the mirror or maybe it’s in the shop changing rooms or my personal favourite, when someone posts a photo on social media you weren’t expecting…

Whenever this little voice crops up it can really impact us, heck I’ve known a day to go from great to shit in seconds!

In fact, I’ve even avoided the day all together before, instead hiding away in my shame. 

It doesn’t have to be this way though, that little voice doesn’t have to control your day… 

Once we understand our inner body critic and learn how to change our self talk life becomes much easier, much more fun! 

This is exactly what we will be doing In this Masterclass, getting to know our inner body critic and where they come from. You’ll be able to turn down the volume as you realise that they might not have it right and finally you’ll learn how to turn up your own voice of compassion and kindness. 

Then.. You can just crack on with enjoying life, just as you are!

Sound good?

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